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Sleep during pregnancy  


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25/01/2019 1:10 pm  

Hi ladies! I’m recently pregnant (first pregnancy) only about 6-7 weeks and I haven’t had my first dr’s appt yet to ask this question, so I thought I would try here. I’m a terrible sleeper and took melatonin pre pregnancy. I know melatonin isn’t safe to use while pregnant, and I’ve tried a few natural things as well as having a good bedtime routine and I haven’t been sleeping the past few weeks. Anyone have any tips, suggestions, or things that have been approved by your doctors to help with this? Thank you so much!!! 

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25/01/2019 2:20 pm  



My OB approved 3mg of melatonin during pregnancy but of course check with yours if you're worried about it.  Chamomile tea is very helpful too.  Sorry you're having this problem that's the worst during pregnancy 🙂 

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25/01/2019 3:51 pm  

I know natural would be better, but I had a horrible time sleeping during my last pregnancy and the only thing that helped was Unisom, which was approved by my doctor.  I know there are several kinds and only one is ok to use during pregnancy.  

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02/02/2019 12:56 am  

Unisom I use and am currently 8 weeks!! It is also used for nausia along wit b6 vit.  There are 2 types of unisome..on is basically 50mg of benadryl  and the tablet kind..the other tablet kind is suggested...although the benadryl one is ok too but then other on is preferred.  There tablets and like jell caps.. get the small blue tablets...or you can call your ob and talk to a triage nurse about everything even before your apt.


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