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09/05/2019 4:36 am  

Hello! I've only had the program for a week and I honestly feel a little lost. I didn't realize how much information was actually going to be in here and I've finally finished reading through everything. At least I think I've ready everything, lol.  It's all great information and I'm so thankful that Nancy has shared it 🙂 I've been trying to work on the ab rehab phase one but just not sure when or if I should start to add in other strength training workouts etc. and how many days should I do that per week. Also, I did print off the ab rehab phase one weekly sheet. When it has ab rehab moves (4) does that mean I should be doing the breathing exercise 4x's a day? Thanks in advance! 

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09/05/2019 5:14 pm  

Welcome @jlschenk !! There is ALOT of info so I totally understand how it can be overwhelming at first but don't worry, we are here to help and I'm sure you will find your groove and get the hang of it!   Were you able to find your weekly nutrition plans?  For the ab rehab - there is a FB group that is very helpful as you work through the program and can help you with any questions -- just send an email to hello@moveyourbump.mom and we can get you added to the group!  xo 

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