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Ab bulge  


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12/04/2019 3:17 am  

I don’t have diastasis recti as far as I know when testing but when I lean backwards (only time this happens) I have a bulge above my belly button. What could this be? I have done an rehab too. Is this still just weak core but not necessarily separation? What can I do to make this go away? I am currently on my second round of ab rehab. The first round was last August/September 2018 though. Does it just take a lot of time to get strong? Should I just keep repeating ab rehab? 


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13/04/2019 5:08 pm  


Hey Erica!  This is core dysfunction and needs to be address.  It should actually be considered diastasis.  If you have already been through the ab rehab and it is not fixing the issue, then it may be motor control that you cant quite grasp or mechanical restriction. Either of those may require you to see a really good PT for a few sessions to get to the bottom of where this is stemming from as it could be many places/issues.   This is fairly common though and for sure fixable just might need some body work to get you there.


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