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June Workout PDF  


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03/06/2019 5:29 pm  

Hi @nancy- 

I see that the June workout videos are uploaded but the pdf file of the month's workouts is still showing the one from May.  Will you be updating soon? Thanks! 

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03/06/2019 9:09 pm  

@agifford Hey there!  Yes, all the workout exercises and protocols are now listed directly under the workout videos. We are working to make things better on mobile so everything can be viewed more in one place as this was a big request we have received. You can screen shot the workouts there if you would like, follow along with the videos while being able to see the workouts at the same time.  We have also added a new workout log that is a blank chart that you can print off to track weights, workouts, or have a workout log to just write things out if you prefer.  We have also added a cardio bank so now you will have many cardio workouts to choose from through the month to better mix things up.  I hope this helps! 


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