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04/04/2019 3:44 pm  

So when we did our first slim down in August we slowly transitioned our kids to DF & GF life. Well, mostly. We significantly cut their intake back on those things and they eat even better now. I've always had good eaters. I find my oldest is like an unleashed beast when given something like ice cream on occasion (he licked a non dairy ice cream bowl like 4 times the other night, OMG). Holidays are rough cause grandparents are like junk food factories. When they have the kids they don't care about trying to at least loosely stick to how they eat -- and I do notice a difference for them, so it's even more important to us for that reason.  I just got an invitation for my 6 year old for a birthday party that LITERALLY says "join us for a sugar fueled celebration..."  I'm not uptight, and I don't want to be a wet blanket. But come on ??? I imagine there will be some kind of candy theme so that's all he'll consume, along with some pizza. And then we'll probably come home with a 1 lb bag of candy - which will lose its novelty and I'll throw it out lol. Also my 3 year old is in pre school 2 times a week and from what he tells me they just eat crackers for snack every day. Or cookies. 


I just find this so hard to temper for them out in the public world, and I don't want to tighten the reigns too much and cause closet eating when they get older lol. 


How do you all handle this? 

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05/04/2019 7:08 pm  



UGHHHHH the struggle is so so real. To be honest, you can't fully control this or fully restrict them.So for me personally I try to control the controllables.   So for example we went to the fair last night. Before we left I fed them chic pea pasta, organic sausage, watermelon and cauliflower. Filled them up as much as possible. I took water and my own snacks and when they were hungry at the fair instead of funnel cake we did the snacks i brought. Saved money, saved health.  But last weekend we had a birthday party 4-6pm right at dinner. So i filled him up before he went so he didn't grab any cookies candy that were out bc he was full but after playing for an hour he did want pizza, which I allowed and a piece of cake.  Things go back to normal at home though and if there are parties a lot, i will skip a couple and only do a couple a month. Maybe others will have better ideas! 

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11/04/2019 2:28 am  

I just saw this post, and I know exactly how you feel! My parents house is all junk food all the time. I’ve had to start helping with the grocery shopping when we visit so I know there healthy options available. Then I’m firm that my daughter is presented with the meal I’ve pulled together first. After that, I let Grandma offer a treat. She always ends up eating more sugar than at home (not hard to do, haha), but at least I know she ate a meal full of healthy foods first. The compromise seems acceptable to my parents too.  It works for now, but we’ll see. Good luck to you. I also hate feeling like the uptight parent!


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