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Recommendations for Over the ear headphones  


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13/03/2019 9:34 pm  


I am in need of new Bluetooth headphones that go over the ear. I sweat a lot so I am looking for something that is sweat resistant. I cannot use the headphones that go inside the ear canal so I am looking for headphones that go over the ears. Any recommendations?


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14/03/2019 3:46 pm  

Hey @fit_tasha!  I personally use Beats 3 wireless over the ear headphones - I've been using them for a year now and do like them buttttt I also sweat a lot at the gym and those def get hot on your ears if you wear them for a long time or exercise outside (I live in Miami so it's always hot and muggy!  lol).   Also, I learned the hard way that you should really wipe them down (I just use a cloth w warm water /soap) after each sweat sesh b/c they will start to get stinkyyyy if you don't! 🤣

Interested to see what other members recommend / use! 


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