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Ab Rehab for TTC  


New Member Trying To Conceive
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21/03/2019 2:22 pm  


This feels a little weird/vulnerable - but I am TTC (in a few months) and have some pelvic floor dysfunction (have been to a urologist AND pelvic PT at this point) - I am active/healthy but apparently I have trouble relaxing and engaging my pelvic floor and that’s leading to some weird symptoms (slow urine stream, uncomfortable sex). I’ve tried doing the warm ups and also work with the pelvic PT but I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.

Nancy I was wondering if something like the ab rehab would be good for me even though I’m TTC? I’d love any help on how to get this sorted out/train my muscles so that way when I hopefully do get pregnant I’m set up for my abs/stomach/pelvic floor to recover well!

Nancy Anderson
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21/03/2019 8:01 pm  


Hi there! I think the Ab Rehab could definitely be beneficial in helping with your pelvic floor activation. Have you already watched the activation series with my PT? If not, I'd take a look at those as well. The Ab Rehab program is only available in the 4TM phase but switching back and forth between phases may cause some issues with your account. Can you shoot me an email at hello@moveyourbump.mom and I'll send it to you directly? 



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