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Pubic Symphisis Pain  


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21/02/2019 5:31 pm  

I am about 14 weeks into second pregnancy and have already started experiencing pubic symphisis pain. I had this toward the end of my first pregnancy and it took several months postpartum to improve. I am curious are the exercise programs in MYB phase conciensus of this issue or are there certain exercises in the plan I should modify/avoid? 

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22/02/2019 11:31 am  



hey there!  I would highly recommend looking into a chiropractor that has pre natal experience with this. I went 1-2 a week and it saved my pregnancy and my fitness lol. You can also try foam rolling your adductors and everything that inserts to your pubic bone.  I used to just strattle a foam roller, literally sit my public bone on it while i was kneeling and i would rock side to side back and forth and it was also a game changer.  As far as exercises its usually going to be unilateral movements that bother you, so basically don't do anything on one leg (if it hurts) there isn't too much of that, but just either skip those or make it bilateral (both feet). Keep us posted!


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