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trying to lose weight while breastfeeding  


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30/04/2019 2:28 am  

Hi, I'm trying to lose last 10 pounds of my pregnancy weight at 6 mo postpartum and while still breastfeeding, (I also did your 30 day slim down back in feb and lost a few lbs)

Please HELP:

1. How much cardio vs strength training should i do? 

2. What carbs can i eat so i keep my supply but still lose weight and not be hungry! 

3. what ratio Protein/fat/carbs and approx calories should i follow  if trying to track my macros in the my fit app? 


Nancy Anderson
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30/04/2019 5:14 am  


Hi mama! Losing the weight postpartum can be so hard, I know, but try to be patient. Are you currently follow the nutrition plans here in MYB as written? The amazing thing about them is that they are literally designed to help you accomplish all of the goals you just mentioned. You can find a sample workout schedule in the forums and plug in the monthly workouts provided under the "Fitness" tab of your account. We're aiming for about 4-5 hours of training per week. 


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