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The BEST of prenatal exercise meets physical therapy meets nutrition program out there. This program will change your life and the education you receive from the videos and coaches is top notch. My husband is a physical therapist and whenever he hears Nancy on the app, he always comments on how correct she is and how he tells his clients to do the same... and he charges way more money per session lol!
Emily A.
Girl MOM
This app gives you so many options to make the best of your workout in any given day as we all know every day in pregnancy is different. Every exercise routine has built- in modifications you may need depending on how you feel or which way the baby is sitting. I loved the Bumpcamp option and the Labor & delivery training. I only gained 15 pounds thanks to MYB! 
Anna S.
MYB is the BEST
Targeted, effective, efficient, take -the-guess-work out of your prenatal workouts and nutrition! Not just exercise, but nutrition! Nancy Anderson has researched this for you and made delicious weekly meal plans for each trimester, with shopping lists and recipes to give you and your baby the most success in having a healthy pregnancy!
Burke B.
A must for Pregnant Mama
Was able to work out until the day before the csection. I feel stronger than ever and more prepared for labor than my first pregnancy! I’ve had a wonderful time following along with the bumpcamps over the past 4/5 months - the schedules are so convenient to follow along with! The FB community is SO supportive and we really got thru pregnancy together. I can already tell it’s made a world of difference with this csection recovery compared to my last.
Casey Dillon
Really pushes you while keeping you safe! I really learned a lot. Fixed my pelvic floor dysfunction in two weeks with working with the pf coach. From daily incontinence "accidents" to extremely rare. At 30 Weeks pregnant that is remarkable!
Rachel C.
34 Weeks Now!
I started using the MYB app at 13 weeks pregnant! This app has helped me feel less lethargic, kept my blood pressure at good level and helped me to slow weight gain to the recommended weight according to where I was at in my pregnancy! This program was the sole source of keeping me healthy in my prenatal stage! Thank you Nancy & Coaches!
Colleen C.
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