What's Included

Our workout and nutrition protocols are based on the most recent reliable research, delivered by a team of industry experts, and fully aligned with guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and recommended by OBGYN’s, CFMT’s, DPT’s, Nurse Practitioners and Pelvic Floor Specialists all over the world.

Join thousands of women across the globe who are prioritizing self-care and optimizing the health and development of their babies.

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24/7 Fitness & Coaching

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere. With a MYB membership you'll get 24/7 live access to our diverse workout library, so you can stream workouts from your favorite devices including iPhone, iPad and Android. Our workouts are based on reliable, up-to-date science and in line with current ACOG guidelines.

Workout Calendars

We take the thinking out of structuring your workout schedule! Each trimester offers a uniquely designed plug and play workout calendar in accordance with ACOG guidelines. You will also have access to other structured programs like our Ab Prehab, 6 week Pregnancy BumpCamp, Beginner Bumps, Expecting Athletes and more!

Hundreds of Workouts

Move Your Bump features over 450+ workout classes (new ones added each week!) that are designed specifically for each phase of motherhood. Choose from your favorites or find something new, including Pilates, yoga, running, boot camps, Bump Camp, Choreographed Strength, Barre, and more.

Easy Nutrition for You and Baby

Enjoy over a year’s worth of nutritious meal plans. Follow along weekly or pick and choose he meals you want—once downloaded, they’re yours forever.

Birth & Labor Planning

Our expert labor and delivery nurses will create a personalized birth plan with you. You’ll also access MYB’s Labor and Delivery course, which prepares you for any and every delivery.

Community of Mamas

Pregnancy takes a village, so we made one! Enjoy direct access to seasoned coaches and our extensive group forum.

Live Events

Challenges to keep you moving

Stay motivated, encouraged and on track with your goals with our structured programs
and monthly community fitness challenges inside the app!

Bump Camp Challenges

Bump Camp is the best way to experience everything that the Move Your Bump app has to offer along with the additional challenge and community component! It is safe for every trimester and fitness level!

Take the guess work out of your pregnancy fitness routine and let us do that for you! It can be tricky to know what is safe or effective during pregnancy if you aren’t trained in the field! Every workout in the app is coached by pre & postnatal experts that always have your core, pelvic floor and BUMP in mind!  Additionally, our coaches always offer modifications to fit your needs!

Pregnancy Ab Prehab: Safe Core & Pelvic Floor Program

Our Ab Prehab program is all the core & pelvic floor work you need to stay connected to your deep core through pregnancy. These all trimester, all level, safe workouts are designed by our pre/post natal experts to be combined with your favorite workouts for a full balanced pregnancy fitness routine.

Prehab is designed to strengthen and maintain connection to your deep core and pelvic floor to better support your throughout pregnancy. These quick routines include our specialize Core Activation and Prehab Breath Work series developed reduce aches & pains, prevent severe diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction, set you for a smoother delivery and faster postpartum recovery!

Posture Assessments with Real Experts!

Posture habits and the ability to move in and our different postures help us maintain muscle balance, range of motion, allows for optimal breathing patterns, core & pelvic floor function and the ability to reduce aches and pains during your pregnancy.

Our prenatal experts will take a look at your current posture and tell you how to best optimize your time with us inside the MYB app, by utilizing our prenatal troubleshooting videos designed to combat the most common prenatal compensations we see. When left unaddressed, dysfunction stemming form posture and alignment is likely to exacerbate issues leading to more aches and pains and possibly a harder delivery, and longer recovery.

Free Labor & Birth Prep Course

Whether it be spontaneous labor, an unexpected c-section, a scheduled induction, a repeat c-section, or an accidental delivery in the passenger seat of the car on the drive to the hospital, you CAN arm yourself with the tools to be prepared and proud of what your body is capable of doing. You will dive into how your body changes during pregnancy, general briefing of what happens when you are admitted, Stages of labor, C-section deliveries, vaginal deliveries, recovery while in the hospital and more. You will also be connected with our Labor and birth prep coaches to help create your birth plan and assemble your birth team. You will also have access to our private community of mamas prepping for their births!