General FAQ’s

How do I change my phase?
You can update your phase by navigating to Account >> Subscriptions >> Edit/Update Subscription. You will be prompted to enter your Credit Card info again, but you will not be double charged.
Where can I find my meal plans?
Weekly meal plans can be found by navigating to Account >> Nutrition. You’ll scroll down the page a bit and you’ll be able to click to download the current week’s plan.
What is the best way to structure/schedule the workouts provided?
We know that putting your workout schedule together can be intimidating. We’ve created a sample schedule/guide here: https://www.moveyourbump.mom/community/workout-schedule/workout-schedule-information/
How can I reach out to Nancy or the coaches for support?
We are here for you 24/7. You can submit a question by navigating to the very bottom of both the Fitness and Nutrition pages OR you can navigate to “Community” and submit your question via either the “Nutrition Coaching” or “Private Coaching Request” forums.
When are new meal plans uploaded
Updated meal plans are released every Friday for the following week. This allows you to use the weekend to shop and prep for the upcoming week!
Where can I find the Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab download?
The Ab Rehab PDF is available to all mamas who are registered in the “4TM” phase by navigating to Account >> Fitness and scrolling down towards the bottom of the page. If you are currently registered in the “Mom” phase, but have not yet completed the Ab Rehab program, please switch to the “4TM” phase for the duration of the Ab Rehab program. It is very important that you restrengthen your core before doing the exercises available in the “Mom” phase.
How do I cancel my subscription?
What?? You want to leave us? We’d be so sad to see you go, but in the event that you do need to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances, you can navigate to Account >> Subscriptions >> Cancel.
Where can I find Nancy’s workout playlists?
Nancy’s workout playlists can be accessed by navigating to Account >> Lifestyle and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the webpage. The playlists are housed in Spotify and a free Spotify account is needed to view and listen.
I have recently switched phases, but the community area does not reflect my new phase

If this happens, then the phase can be easily updated by the moderators in the forum. Navigate to: 


click “Add Topic” and request a phase change in the forum. One of our moderators will update your phase.

Technical Support FAQ’s

I cannot access the forums

This can be caused by a few reasons:

  1. If you have access to the content inside the application, but do not have access to the forums, our team has not configured your forum account yet. Please refrain from contacting support until after 24 hours from initial sign up.
  2. If you do not see the “Account” tab in the navigation, then there was a problem during initial sign up. The most common reason for this is navigating away from the sign up page before the payment has processed. If your payment has not been processed correctly then the forum account will not get set up. If this is the case, contact support.
Why am I not able to access member content after signing up?

If you are asking this question, then more then likely you did not enter your credit card information upon signing up! In order to access content regardless of the promotion going on, a credit card must be on file. Navigate to the registration link used upon initial sign up and enter your CC information on the second step of the form, from there you should see an “account” tab in the menu and you will have full access to the content.