Pregnancy Ab Prehab Community Challenge

30 Day Challenge - Kicks off  June 19th!
Stay connected to your core in pregnancy, avoid aches & pains, and recover easier & faster post birth!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, this program is designed to be short (just 10-15min!) add-on routines to do either on their own or in combination with your current exercise routine, or our other workouts in the Move Your Bump App!
  • Designed for ALL trimesters & fitness levels with a Challenge Community
  • Prevent severe diastasis, leaking & prolapse & reduce pregnancy aches & pains

Get the most out of this Challenge!

Our Ab Prehab program is all the core & pelvic floor work you need to stay connected to your deep core through pregnancy. These all trimester, all level, safe workouts are designed by our pre/post natal experts to be combined with your favorite workouts for a full balanced pregnancy fitness routine.

Ab Prehab is designed to strengthen and maintain connection to your deep core and pelvic floor to better support you throughout your pregnancy. These quick routines include our specialized Core Activation and Ab Prehab Breath Work series developed reduce aches & pains, prevent severe diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction, set you for a smoother delivery and faster postpartum recovery!

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What Mama'S Are Saying!

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I have learned so much about pelvic floor dysfunction, and have recieved feedback deisnged specifically for me to help and adjust me posture! I truly have never been so confident in a pregnancy and have never been healthier! How havent I found this sooner?!
Tonya A.
x4 Mama
Finally a pregnancy app with challenging workouts that focuses on your pelvic floor and diastastis. They are consistently adding new workouts for variety and you can reach out to coach whenever you have a question on a workout or need a modification. The troubleshooting videos for pregnancy pain are so informational! Nancy and her team is unmatched! I wish i found this app sooner!
Logan M.
I was able to heal my core and pelvic floor all while using the MoveYourBump app. I am in my second pregnancy and this app has been life changing! The community is so welcoming and supportive. The coaches are so knowledgable and help you thru a safe and healthy pregnancy!
Beth Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed by Experts in the Field
Is it safe to do these workouts while pregnant?

Absolutely! MYB has workouts of every style, length, and fitness level—and for each trimester! Our workouts are taught by prenatal experts, and all of our protocols are backed by science and aligned with the most recent American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines. As long as you have not been restricted by your doctor, you are safe to start a fitness program during your pregnancy!

Can I start anytime in pregnancy if I haven't been previously active?

Yes! As long as you haven't been restricted by your doctor, women having uncomplicated pregnancies can start safely working out at any point in pregnancy. Start slow and listen to your body!

What equipment will I need?

The following equipment is included in classes: A resistance band (light to medium), a hip circle or circular resistance band, a bench (or an object in your home that serves as a bench), and light-heavy weights (weight ranges will vary according to your fitness level).The following equipment is optional for workouts: A foam roller, a TRX band/row, and an exercise/pilates ball (can be a kid’s ball). You can check out the brands that Nancy recommends in her amazon store front!

Are there workout schedules I can follow along with?

Yes! The MYB app gives you access to 450+ on-demand, follow-along classes, as well as a variety of different workout programs with easy to follow schedules. You’ll have access to trimester specific schedules and popular programs like Beginner Bumps, Bump Camp, Expecting Athletes and MORE. Included is our follow along Ab Prehab program designed to be easily combined with your other favorite workouts and programs in the app!