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What's Included In The App?

Get access to weekly meal plans, expert coaches, hundreds of safe-for-pregnancy on-demand workouts, and more. It's time to feel empowered, Mama. Let's Move Your Bump!
24/7 Fitness & Coaching
Get 450+ workouts and access to seasoned coaches. Using our video-sharing tool, our experts will help to personalized your fitness plan, give feedback on your posture assessments, and more— access us wherever, whenever!
Easy Nutrition for You and Baby
Enjoy over a year’s worth of nutritious meal plans. Follow along weekly or pick and choose he meals you want—once downloaded, they’re yours forever.
Birth & Labor Planning
Our in-house labor and delivery coaches (who are practicing L&D nurses) will create a personalized birth plan with you. You’ll also access MYB’s Labor & Delivery course, which prepares you for any and every delivery outcome, so you can be informed and empowered.
Community of Mamas
Pregnancy takes a village, so we made one! Enjoy direct access to seasoned pre & post natal coaches and our private communities for support, motivation and challenge events
Live events
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Benefits for You & Baby!

We combine the best-in-class technology with the world's top prenatal experts to deliver an amazing experience with unparalleled support!

Learn From Experts

In house pre & post natal trainers, physical therapists and pelvic floor therapists (yup- real people!) are there to coach, encourage, customize your program, troubleshot and support you on your journey— no matter your fitness level or stage of motherhood. 

Learn our research and evidence based protocols to minimize and heal diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, hernias, aches and pains while preparing for an easier recovery post delivery.
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Power Up

Pregnancy workouts don’t always have to be slow and low energy. You’ll find upbeat, energetic classes in our app with unparalleled programming from experts ensuring we train smart while you’re having fun.

Experts recommend moderate to moderately intensity most days of the week in normal pregnancies.  Whether it’s to improve fitness, core function, or target a more pregnancy-specific goal, the benefits of moving your bump really are that good! 
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Benefit Baby

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear.  When you workout before and during pregnancy baby benefits, too!

Pregnancy fitness is the gift that keeps on giving- children born to exercising Mothers have improved cognitive development, cardiovascular health, improved behavior, improved athletic performance and so much more await your little one. 
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Subscriptions Start at $7.99

What Mama'S Are Saying!

Loved by tens of thousands of women. Don't take it from us, take it from our community!
Was able to work out until the day before the csection. I feel stronger than ever and more prepared for labor than my first pregnancy! I’ve had a wonderful time following along with the bumpcamps over the past 4/5 months - the schedules are so convenient to follow along with! The FB community is SO supportive and we really got thru pregnancy together. I can already tell it’s made a world of difference with this csection recovery compared to my last.
Casey Dillon
I started using the MYB app at 13 weeks pregnant! This app has helped me feel less lethargic, kept my blood pressure at good level and helped me to slow weight gain to the recommended weight according to where I was at in my pregnancy! This program was the sole source of keeping me healthy in my prenatal stage! Thank you Nancy & Coaches!
Colleen C.
AMAZING Prenatal Content
I loved all the exercises in this app! The absolutle best part is the head coach is a pelvic floor and abdominal strength expert. Throughout the entire app the coaches focus on PROPER muscle activation to protect and support your body! The app is divided into each trimester, including postpartum recovery! My PT is recommending this app to all of her clients and she is a pelvic floor therapist! A MUST for pregnancy!
Gabby H.
Mia's Mommy
Really pushes you while keeping you safe! I really learned a lot. Fixed my pelvic floor dysfunction in two weeks with working with the pf coach. From daily incontinence "accidents" to extremely rare. At 30 Weeks pregnant that is remarkable!
Rachel C.
34 Weeks Now!
Targeted, effective, efficient, take-the-guess-work out of your prenatal workouts and nutrition! Not just exercise, but nutrition! Nancy Anderson has researched this for you and made delicious weekly meal plans for each trimester, with shopping lists and recipes to give you and your baby the most success in having a healthy pregnancy!
Burke B.
A must for Pregnant Mama
It's really freaking fantastic. The coaches walk you through proper breathing techniques to encourage proper core support throughout each movement. There are different workouts for each stage of pregnancy OR postpartum- which includes diastasis healing! Worth it!
Kelly Williams
32 Weeks

Frequently Asked

Designed by Experts in the Field
Can I start anytime in pregnancy if I haven't been previously active?

Yes! As long as you haven't been restricted by your doctor, women having uncomplicated pregnancies can start safely working out at any point in pregnancy. Start slow and listen to your body!

What equipment will I need?

The following equipment is included in classes: A resistance band (light to medium), a hip circle or circular resistance band, a bench (or an object in your home that serves as a bench), and light-heavy weights (weight ranges will vary according to your fitness level).
The following equipment is optional for workouts: A foam roller, a TRX band/row, and an exercise/pilates ball (can be a kid’s ball). You can check out the brands that Nancy recommends by Clicking Here!

Are there workout schedules I can follow along with?

Yes! The MYB app gives you access to 450+ on-demand, follow-along classes, as well as a variety of different workout programs with schedules to follow along with. There are trimester-specific schedules, the VERY popular Bump Camp Challenge (exclusive to the Move Your Bump app), and our newest Core & Pelvic Floor Challenge (which you can do alone or alongside other workouts in the app!).

Is it safe to do these workouts while pregnant?

Absolutely! MYB has workouts of every style, length, and fitness level—and for each trimester! Our workouts are taught by prenatal experts, and all of our protocols are backed by science and aligned with the most recent American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines. As long as you have not been restricted by your doctor, you are safe to start a fitness program during your pregnancy!

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