What are the benefits?

In normal uncomplicated pregnancies, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) advises women to continue or start a regular exercise routine. That's because the benefits of exercising in ALL phases of pregnancy are seriously THAT impressive.

Some benefits for pregnant women include:
  • Reduced back pain
  • Reduced Muscle Hypertrophy (maintaining lean muscle mass)
  • Reduced risk of excessive Diastasis (ab separation) & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Reduced risk of excessive weight gain during pregnancy
  • Improved mood and sleep
  • Relief from/prevention of constipation
  • Improved overall fitness and heart health
  • Potentially reduced risk of Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia, Cesarean Delivery, and postpartum mood disorders

Smoother delivery and faster recovery postpartum

Starting or continuing a well-balanced exercise routine during pregnancy can also reduce aches and pains that are passed off as “normal”, AND prep you for a smoother delivery and faster recovery postpartum—no matter how your little one enters the world!

In case that doesn't excite you: when you work out before and during pregnancy, baby benefits, too! Babies born to women who exercise during pregnancy have been shown to have improved:
  • Body Weight and Composition
  • Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Nervous System and Brain Development
  • Academic & Sports Performance
  • And so much more…

What we know about Diastasis during Pregnancy.

Science tells us that diastasis has to happen to make room for your growing baby. Diastasis has become this hot word in the fitness and postpartum community that comes with illogical lists of DR “safe” moves to prevent diastasis and “unsafe” moves that cause diastasis. And here at Move Your Bump, we know that neither are true. Every mama and pregnancy is different and the way a woman executes daily movements and exercises along with her ability to control intra-abdominal pressure is going to be how we determine if an exercise is safe or unsafe for her.

Studies show us that 100% of women at term pregnancy and time of delivery have some degree of Diastasis. And this makes sense to us because your growing bump needs the room! This is not a reason to fear exercise or movement. This is a reason to build body awareness and set yourself up for a comfortable, functional pregnancy and faster recovery. Because with Move Your Bump and our team of experts, you will have the rights tools, support and knowledge to do so.

What we are doing to minimize Diastasis during pregnancy and to heal diastasis postpartum?

We know that diastasis is a symptom of some greater issue. That issue could be related to movement patterns, poor posture, adhesions, mechanical restrictions, incorrect breathing patterns and muscle imbalances that can happen during preconception due to lifestyle, during pregnancy (c-section birth or vaginal birth), or in the postpartum period. This is why we take a progressive, whole body approach to healing, that includes breathing, posture and core/pelvic floor activation & function. We know, and science proves that the body is an integrated system and we cannot fix an issue with only localized practices, it takes looking at the whole picture.

Through our MoveYourBump workouts and programs we will instill in you, the body awareness to move optimally throughout the other 23 hours of your day. You can do everything right in your workouts and end up doing more damage in the time outside your workouts if you don’t have optimal function. We want you to carry the knowledge and protocols we teach you here, into your everyday life. Not just the 30 minutes to 1 hour you have train with us. We truly want you to thrive during your pregnancy and postpartum by having optimal function of your core, pelvic floor and rest of your body.

About MYB and Our Founder:

Founded and created by Nancy Anderson as a way to reach more moms that want safe, effective and science based workouts and protocols to help them thrive, before, during and after pregnancy. With over 18 years of experience in the field, hands on coaching experience, and a Masters in Kinesiology.

Nancy is raising the bar for pregnancy & postpartum fitness worldwide. Only allowing the very best experts on her team, available to you now, through the MYB app.

We will be correcting poor posture, incorrect breathing patterns, and reconnecting. Move Your Bump is a world-leading provider of GOAL BASED fitness and nutrition platform. We program training and nutrition plans based off of the most recent scientific research to help promote optimal health and benefits for Mom and baby from pre conception through every phase of motherhood.