Expecting Athletes Pregnancy Program

Maintain strength & endurance safely for active athletic women during pregnancy!

Intermediate and advanced workouts designed for expecting women that were active pre-pregnancy and have a strong fitness foundation. These workouts are designed to help you feel safely challenged throughout pregnancy, utilizing expertly designed balanced programs.
  • Inter/Advanced programs for each trimester
  • Expert coaching & community support
  • Maintain & even build your strength in pregnancy
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Labor prep conditioning workouts

Expecting Athletes Challenge

Are you an expecting athlete looking to maintain your fitness level and stay healthy during your pregnancy?  We proudly present our redesigned Expecting Athletes Programs, specifically tailored for pregnant women who want to continue their athletic journey and designed in line with ACOG pregnancy fitness guidelines to give you safe, challenging and effective workouts for all trimesters in pregnancy.

Benefits of our program:
Expert guidance
Expertly coached workouts by our prenatal exercise specialists, all with years of experience working with pregnant women of all fitness levels! Ask questions and connect with our experts in our in-app community to ensure you’re getting the most out of your pregnancy strength training and cardio, safely and effectively!
Maintain strength and endurance
Continue building and maintaining your muscular strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. We carefully select exercises that are safe for prenatal athletes to help you stay fit while minimizing the risk of injury.
Comprehensive Program
Not only will you find strength training and cardio workouts, but all of our Expecting Athletes programs include advanced breath work and core and pelvic floor workouts to ensure that you get everything you need in your pregnancy fitness to stay connected to and strengthen your core and pelvic floor.
Staying connected
Pregnancy can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with Move Your Bump, you’ll join a community of like-minded expecting athletes who share similar goals and challenges. Join our Expecting Athletes 6 week challenge and share experiences, gain support, and forge friendships that will last beyond your pregnancy journey.

What Mama'S Are Saying!

Loved by tens of thousands of women. Don't take it from us, take it from our community!
MYB helped me take back my power during pregnancy! I started with the 30 minute workouts, but felt confident to increase to the 60 minute option into my second week! I've done 4 Bumpcamps and love the variety of workouts that are included. Bumpcamp helps me stay accountable and keep on a schedule I know is safe for me! Bumpcamp is a MUST!
Vicki R.
New Mama
Y’all my baby FLEW out. My water broke one minute and he only took 4 pushes. I sincerely think that this was due to the core work and breathing techniques in the Bumpcamp program! They are amazing and so informational! Thank you for the breathing techniques and keeping my core together! No tearing either!
Marisa M.
The app is a one stop shop. Includes everything youll need for your pregnancy from Meals, Workouts, Healing Videos, expert coaches, PDFs and the best part a Bumpcamp challenge each month with a follow along workout schedule and a FB Community for encouragement. Huge Fan of MYB and all of Nancy's programs!
Britany T.
Love MYB
Was able to work out until the day before the csection. I feel stronger than ever and more prepared for labor than my first pregnancy! I’ve had a wonderful time following along with the bumpcamps over the past 4/5 months - the schedules are so convenient to follow along with! The FB community is SO supportive and we really got thru pregnancy together. I can already tell it’s made a world of difference with this csection recovery compared to my last.
Casey Dillon
Really pushes you while keeping you safe! I really learned a lot. Fixed my pelvic floor dysfunction in two weeks with working with the pf coach. From daily incontinence "accidents" to extremely rare. At 30 Weeks pregnant that is remarkable!
Rachel C.
34 Weeks Now!
I started using the MYB app at 13 weeks pregnant! This app has helped me feel less lethargic, kept my blood pressure at good level and helped me to slow weight gain to the recommended weight according to where I was at in my pregnancy! This program was the sole source of keeping me healthy in my prenatal stage! Thank you Nancy & Coaches!
Colleen C.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Expecting Athletes Challenge work?

Join our next 6 week Expecting Athletes Challenge inside your in app community! To be eligible to win a cash prize simply click “Join” on our challenge post, commit to working out 3-5x a week based on your goals, and comment on workouts your complete in your app! A winner will be selected at the end of the 6 weeks!

How long are the workouts and programs?

Expecting Athletes workouts range from 45-60 mins, 5 days a week with one rest day and one active recovery day to prevent injury and aches & pains. We offer a 6 week pre-designed program for each trimester that can be repeated as needed!

What equipment will I need?

You will need: a mat, bench, hip circle band, light-heavy dumbbells, Pilates ball, long resistance band, foam roller. Some workouts offer optional barbell work. Cardio workouts include coached treadmill cardio & outdoor running/walking based on preference. You can check out recommended brands HERE

Can I start anytime in pregnancy?

Yes! You do not need to complete our 1TM Expecting Athletes to dive into our 2TM program. Women having normal uncomplicated pregnancies that are cleared for activity by their provider can start safely working out at any point in pregnancy. Ease in and listen to your body!

What if I’m not a runner in pregnancy?

No problem! You can follow along as a power walker OR you can swap in one our other cardio or low impact cardio workouts from your trimester’s library of workouts